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Scams Are Everywhere

May 18, 2017

Every person has heard the horror stories.  A friend or family member looked at their bank account to find all their money gone.  What could have happened?  All too often, an innocent transaction leads to such devastation.  Scams are everywhere.  The following will show how easy it is to be scammed, how to protect yourself…

Evaluating A Social Security Claim

April 13, 2017

  By: Anna Louise Hawes One of the things Burnett & Driskill does daily is speak with people who want to know if they should apply for disability.  When I look at a case, there are three big issues I am looking for: program financial requirements, severity and timing. Program financial requirements This is the…

Employment Disability – ERISA

March 16, 2017

by Kyle Sciolaro Disability Insurance Through Your Employer – Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability There are several types of insurance and benefits programs available to people struggling with disabilities. Many people are familiar with the Social Security Administration’s programs (SSDI and SSI). But employers also often provide their employees short term and long…

President Trump’s Effect on Social Security Disability Benefits

February 7, 2017

President Trump’s Effect on Social Security Disability Benefits by Kyle Sciolaro Since the election of Donald Trump, three of my clients have asked me how his administration’s policies will affect Social Security disability benefits. Setting aside political preferences, I understand concern — for any reason — about the viability of the Social Security disability programs….

Those Pesky Social Security Forms

January 25, 2017

Those Pesky Social Security Forms The Problem: Denials often mischaracterize what people say. Here’s an example: At a hearing, Jay says, “I do dishes sometimes.” What Jay meant was: he has a lot of trouble doing dishes. It hurts to bend over the sink. His feet begin hurting and he cannot stand long enough to…

SSA Disability and Survival

November 21, 2016

The issue of work is ever-present in Social Security disability law. A disabled person, according to Social Security, is a person incapable of substantial gainful activity due to their medical limitations. Substantial gainful activity is basically “work.” So if I’m applying for Social Security, I can’t work? How do they expect me to survive? These…

How Many Disability Programs Can I Be On?

November 15, 2016

How many disability programs can I be on? There are lots of disability programs. Here at Burnett & Driskill we help individuals receive disability benefits through: Social Security Veterans’ Administration Railroad Retirement Board ERISA policies held by individual employers Federal and governmental plans not covered by ERISA Private insurance policies Let’s look at a veteran…

You are not “fine.”

November 4, 2016

I’ve been reading through more medical records, and I am seeing a recurrent theme: “I’m fine.” “I’m doing well.” “I’m great.” Really? Because from the rest of the medical records, you are not fine. Why do we say we are “fine” when we are not? Habit: “How are you?” “I’m fine.” – “What’s up?” “Nothing.”…